Embrace disruption with thoughtfulness  

I do not remember why I decided to be a creative person. I saw my dad crafting architecture model and my brother playing with Legos. Perhaps, I got charmed by creation early on. Granted, I do not remember but somehow, I ended up here. Nonetheless, I am to critical for my own good. I bit disruptive but always with an emphasis on feeling and emotions. During my middle school days or perhaps by early high school days, I decided I will become a fashion designer. Funny enough that dream did not last long, but my reasoning for it has not left my mind. I wonder why most designers are male. Why do the clothes look so uncomfortable? When did we decide wear shoes that hurt our feet? Why is the world the way it is? This sentiment is still with me. I critically think of how we ended up with our current world. Along the line I found myself in the craziest place. I am Oaxaqueña, my roots and comfort zone are in the simple thing. A cup of coffee, the touch of the barro and a year of blue sky. Never too interested in technology but in the little treasure. I attended a college driven my technology with most of my friends in computer science. Now working along a team that is developing quite a disruptive system. All driven my machine learning and automation. Similarly, to fashion, now I am questioning who is creating the algorithms. Who decides how this new disruptive system continues to evolve and trickles now? As a designer I was trained in dreaming and problem solving. But I am curious, and I understand things need to be address to many parties, solution required looking at the beauty and the ugly. Real critical thinking to develop strategies is required for the revolutions that are knocking on our door. I wish to use my optimist and pessimist to truly evaluate and collaborate on the solutions that are waiting to be created.
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